This program is open to people of 17 years old and above. For those who have completed their obligatory school as well as for the ones looking for a professional reorientation.

In order to make sure your admission request is taken unto consideration, you must provide the following documents:

  • Secondary school certificate (cycle d’Orientation or equivalent).
  • Work certificate (for professional reorientation). 
  • Pass the EMAE-SCHS’ school evaluation test (this is not an exam but a test that give us your level and allow us to adapt our classes).

In order for the professors to actively take care and give the best attention to the students, our policy is to make classes of 12 students groups. We can have 3 classes per session.

Once the student fits the admission requirements verification, the admission is confirmed after receiving the filled out and signed the registration form and the first payment.





  • 1 week before school start (Autumn Semester – Spring Semester)
    - particular case will be studied
  • Autumn Semester : starts between September and October 
  • Spring Semester : start between February and March


After having successfully succeeded the full courses load and internships prescribed by the program, you will receive

The EMAE – SCHS’ school Diploma in Corporate Hospitality Services - Receptionist.


File opening fees: 400.- CHF
Tuition fees (yearly) : 8'500.- CHF
Associated costs (compulsory uniform): 400.- CHF

* Please refer to the General Conditions for payment settlement

Please note that personal fees (transportation, food, clothing, books, etc.) pertaining to internships and compulsory activities are at the students charge.


Registration form


The cost of living in Geneva has been evaluated to approximately 2000.- CHF per month*. The expenses should cover lodging, food, insurance, purchase of clothing, transports and various social and/or sportive activities. The proximate fee does not however include tuition fees and fees pertaining to the study program.
* Middle class type budget, approximation only.


In Geneva, many options for lodging are offered to students Many students halls and homes are available. Please check with each establishment for further information:

211 Route de Ferney
1218 Le Grand Saconnex

phone +41 22 788 10 10

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